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When I was looking into starting my own business as an event/wedding planner I couldn’t find any good resources on where to start and what to use. I searched high and low and any decent information that I did find, I had to pay for. There was no “simple” answer, granted nothing about starting a […]

Top Things I use as Wedding Planner to Run a Successful Business



I know what you’re thinking, coming up with things to put into a basket for your wedding day sounds a little…silly? It’s one more thing on your plate to think about and its another detail that seems almost a little ridiculous. Here is the thing, all those thoughts are very valid. Instead of thinking of […]

Bathroom Basket Ideas



There is no right or wrong way to go about doing your flowers for your wedding. You can find a respected florist in your area, find fake flowers and bouquets, or dry ones, you can buy wholesale, grow your own if you have a green thumb, pick your own wild flowers and more. The possibilities […]

Diy Wedding Flowers



Wow. I cannot believe that we are here. Ten years ago if you would have looked at me and told me that I was going to be not only an event planner but own my own event company I would have laughed at you and walked away rolling my eyes. It’s crazy what time will […]

How I Became an Event Planner



A beginning to end (12-18 month) wedding day checklist, including everything you would need to help plan your big day! 

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